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Visit The North West

Take a look at the Going Places UK magazine for fabulous days out in the North West.

Packed with things to see and do, the North West is simply stunning!

Whether you are looking for urban or rural scenery, a relaxed or an energetic atmosphere, the North West of England can offer all you need for an exciting visit.

The region of is an area of contrasts, from the architectural grandeur of Liverpool to the rolling hills of Lancashire and the stunning scenery in Cheshire. There’s plenty to do in the North West!

Chester Cathedral and The British Commercial Vehicle Museum

Visit The British Commercial Vehicle Museum and admire horse-drawn vehicles from the 1880s and learn how they gave way first to steam driven, then petrol & diesel powered motor lorries & buses. Perhaps remember times when garages might have just a single fuel pump, and someone would come out to serve you petrol at less than 4 shillings a gallon!

Delve into the brewing process, journey through the brew house and learn about the largest Hopnik in the world which allows us to extract hop flavours, then wet your whistle at the Robinsons Bewery.

Think you know the North West already? Think again!