Wem Sweet Pea Annual Show

Wem SweetPea Show

Wem Sweet Pea Annual Show at Web Town Hall

Saturday 20th July 10am – 5pm & Sunday 21st July 10am – 3pm

Wem Sweet Pea Show is a weekend long celebration of the delicate and beautifully perfumed flowers that are Sweet Peas.  Wem is synonymous with Sweet peas thanks to one Henry Eckford, a horticulturist originally from Scotland who then settled in Wem in the 1800’s.

Wem Town Hall
High Street

Tel: 01939 232299
Email: sweetpeas@wemtownhall.co.uk

Show Manager:  Rose Horner

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WemTownHall

X: https://x.com/WEMTOWNHALL